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Who We Are


We are a local church in fellowship with the Assemblies of God. We were estiblished in 1943. From our humble beginings we have grown into a thriving church determined to make a difference in our community and around the world.


We have a simple plan that follows the New Testament pattern: WIN -- BUILD -- SEND. As we share the love of Jesus with Stroud through various ways, people are coming to know Jesus as Lord of their lives. We help them grow and mature as Christ's followers so they too can be sent out to WIN others.


We are committed to partnering with others, both locally and globally, to share our HOPE in Jesus with the world. As of today we are partnered with more than 30 missionaries and outreaches that are making an impact on 6 Continents.  We also invest locally in several outreaches each year to our own community.

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